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Top 6 Reasons to Go Solar Now

For the past several years, homeowners in cities around the world have been installing solar panels on their roofs to take advantage of the most clean, renewable energy source available to generate power. So why should you go solar? What’s the benefit to you? Here are 6 great reasons to choose solar right now:

Bluewater Energy – Certified Tesla Powerwall Installation

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Bluewater Energy is the First in Canada to Install Multiple Powerwall 2.0! Bluewater Energy recently became the first in Canada to install multiple Powerwall 2.0, Tesla's new home energy storage system.  As a licensed electrical contractor, with licensed electricians on the Bluewater Energy team, we were chosen to deliver Tesla Powerwall solutions following

The Impact of Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan

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Imagine a world where you no longer have to cringe when you look at your hydro bill.  Now imagine a world where your home or business generates as much energy as you use each year.  Relief from the chaos has become more possible than ever with your own renewable energy source for power generation.  By making changes

Financing Options for Solar Installations

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Are you looking to invest in a solar panel installation for your home, but having trouble financing the project? You're probably not the only one in this situation. Lots of homeowners are looking for ways to set up microFIT or net-meter programs and need help with the financing. Luckily, we have a solution! Did you

  • Energy Transmission Contributes to Your Hydro Bill Delivery and Regulatory Charges in Guelph

Your Hydro Bill Explained – Part 4

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Do you ever find your eyes glazing over as you read your hydro bill? We’ve been there! As you make your way further into the list of line items, it can feel like things are making less and less sense. Hydro companies don’t bother to provide a context for these charges—but that’s where we can

Gravenhurst Centennial Centre

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Bluewater Energy is proud to announce the completion of a solar installation project for Ameresco Canada at the Gravenhurst Centennial Centre.  The Centennial Centre is home to one of the best ice rinks in the Muskoka area.  In 2014, the town of Gravenhurst committed to building a new refrigeration plant for the facility, with a

  • Home Entertainment System Consumes Electricity Turn Off to Conserve Energy

4 Tips for Reducing Energy Usage from Electronics

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Most people assume that appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners and water heaters are the big energy hogs in your home. And it’s true! Studies have shown that on average, these appliances account for the most annual energy use in kWh per year. But it’s not always easy to make the investment to get a new,

  • Hydro Lines Transit Energy to your Home in Guelph

Your Hydro Bill Explained – Part 3

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When it comes to reading your hydro bills, it’s important to understand what’s actually being said. But it’s equally important to figure out what’s left unsaid. Your hydro bill might do a good job of breaking down the different components you’re paying for, but it doesn't waste paper explaining what goes on behind the scenes.

How Do Solar Panels Increase the Value of Your Property?

If you’re thinking about ways to add value to your home, consider this: solar panels can add as much value—if not more—to your home as a brand new kitchen does. But how? There are two kinds of value that a solar system can add