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Battery Storage for Home Power Use

More and more people are looking for alternatives to being tied to the utility grid these days, particularly as rates increase and customer satisfaction decreases.  From a solar perspective, the big limiter to cutting the cable and truly becoming autonomous has been the ability to efficiently and economically store power when the sun is shining so that power is available when it is not.  The technology is expensive, takes a large amount of physical space, weighs an incredible amount, and has a short life expectancy…until now??  Elon Musk has stated that the Tesla home battery will be available within the next two months.  It is not likely that we can expect a drastic drop in battery pricing, nor a monumental increase in storage capacities anytime soon, however, this is another great leap forward.  Large scale production and a focussed commitment to the technology will lead us closer to the reality of true Energy Independence.  Our excitement at Bluewater Energy has reached fever pitch as we anticipate being able to offer our customers more affordable, more efficient storage options.


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