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Energy Monitoring: Why is this a good idea?

Real-time in-home Energy Monitoring – This is a NEW state-of-the-art electricity monitoring system that allows you to view electricity usage in your home or office, in real-time, from anywhere you have a web connection.  The system stores the information for you over time, so that you can see your usage patterns to determine exactly where you are using electricity, how much, and when.  With this information at your finger tips, smart decisions can be made to reduce your electricity usage – especially during peak periods – and start saving on your utility bills right away.

  • You can perform your own household energy audits
  • Project monthly bills
  • Reduce and Save by managing your electricity usage.
  • New and improved accessories allow you view data easier with two display options
  • You will have the ability to monitor individual breakers with the new TED Spyder and make adjustments to improve your conservation targets.

Get the Real Facts: If you want to know where and when you are using electricity in your home or business, and why your hydro bill is so high, this system will provide those answers.  Get answers with our energy monitoring system so that you can make informed decisions regarding how to reduce your hydro bill.

Energy Monitor-ing is where conservation begins with The Energy Detective. It will enable you to monitor individual circuits directly from your main panel, and give you the ability to see where and how much energy you are using in real time.  The system will also record your usage over time so that we can begin to analyze trends, and identify areas for improvement through conservation measures.

TED Pro Spyder Individual Circuit Monitoring Tool

Looks like a spider, doesn’t it?   TED Pro Spyder is a NEW add-on compatible with only TED Pro systems.   The Spyder is a monitoring unit that comes with eight (8) Current Transformers.   These CTs are designed to go around individual circuit conductors inside your breaker panel.   The Spyder will log data for individual circuits/appliances/systems/motors.   Every TED Pro MTU comes with a built-in Spyder connection, so if you have an existing TED Pro-series MTU, you will NOT need to purchase an additional MTU to use TED Spyder.

As the ultimate monitoring tool that gives you breaker-level detail, the Spyder monitors your refrigeration units, computer equipment, lighting, individual offices, and thousands of other possibilities! This add-on is the perfect way to take your TED Pro to the next level of monitoring and saving!

Handheld Wireless Display With Zigbee U-Snap Card

Equip your TED Pro with a handheld wireless display, complete with charging stand and ZigBee U-snap card for your Energy Control Center. Use the wireless display to perform your own energy audit by carrying it around and unplugging/plugging appliances and turning devices off and on. Instantly view changes of electrical usage within every second with up to 10 different viewing screens full of helpful, real-time information.

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