Off-Grid Solar

A complete generation, storage, and distribution system without connection to the utility grid.  An off-grid installation is a stand alone system that will provide power in locations where there is no access to grid power, or where it would be less costly to generate your own power than it would be to bring grid power in.  Also known as a “Micro-Grid”, off-grid solar can be scaled to meet any demand, and will provide reliable power just about anywhere you need it.

Most, if not all, of your electrical power can be generated by solar panels or solar shingles, your power would be stored in an efficient battery system for later use.  Any excess energy needed could be provided by highly efficient generators.  How’s that for a complete energy solution?

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3W & 5W Off-Grid Solar Light Plus Charger

Bluewater Energy is offering the Maple Solar System, a powerful and portable solar powered light and charging solution, all-in-one!  The Maple Solar System currently comes in two sizes; a single light package with a 3W solar panel and a double light package with a 5W solar panel.

Both systems are small and lightweight for easy carry and travel.  The solar panels are a high quality and durable construction that is suitable for any environment and the lights have an integrated lithium ion battery and charge controller.

You will be absolutely amazed by the intensity these lights can produce, as well as the battery life and charge rate with the solar panel attached.

There is no complicated wiring required!  Just plug in the power cord from the solar panel to the light, point it at the sun and let the power of solar do the rest.

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