What Is The MicroFIT Program?

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What Is The MicroFIT Program?

microFIT program
The microFIT program is an Ontario government program
that allows homeowners, farmers, churches and others to generate clean, green electricity on their rooftops and properties and sell it to their local hydro company. It’s a winning combination – you can make money while doing good backed by a 20-year government contract. More than 150,000 Ontario homeowners have submitted applications to the program to date!

The “FIT” in microFIT stands for “Feed-in Tariff”, meaning the government pays for every kWh of electricity fed into the grid. Feed-in tariffs have been instrumental in making countries like Germany renewable energy leaders. The microFIT is also a great investment opportunity for homeowners looking to re-coup money on their electricity costs in the long term.

Here’s the key thing to understand. You’ll have two meters:

Your load meter will track your electricity consumption as it currently does. Nothing changes. What’s new is your generation meter. This meter tracks how much energy you produce on your rooftop and send into the grid. Both of these are independent.

The microFIT program is for solar installations that are smaller than 10 kW – that’s 40 solar panels. The program was launched in 2009 as part of the Green Energy and Economy Act the Ontario government put in place to promote generation of electricity from renewable sources in the province. Together with its big brother — the FIT program for solar, wind, biomass, biogas and hydro projects that are larger than 10 kW and smaller than 500 kW — it constitutes the largest climate change initiative in North America.

Participating in the microFIT program is an opportunity for all of us to turn from energy consumers into energy generators. In doing so, we can influence what the energy mix of the future will look like. Doesn’t electricity generated from the sun’s energy right where it’s needed make a whole lot of sense?

To learn more about how you can participate in the microFIT program contact us today! Take advantage of the microFIT program before it ends by submitting your application before November 2017.

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  1. Lee Lussier October 13, 2016 at 7:31 pm - Reply

    My roof was considered too small for the MicroFit program but I am still interested in a future installation. What is available to me and at what potential costs/returns?

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    Barrie, ON
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