Our Story

Bluewater Energy was created from the vision of its Founder and CEO, Wil Beardmore and through the hard work and dedication of a deeply committed team of professionals.

Through tireless efforts and an enduring attitude to make a positive impact on our fragile and often abused environment, coupled with an absolute focus on customer satisfaction, Bluewater Energy continues to deliver high performing and high value projects in a complex and often tumultuous industry.

The name “Bluewater Energy” is meant to evoke both the idea of renewable energy and the impact of renewable energy.  The primary focus of our company, solar energy solutions, is not immediately apparent to the audience.  The term “bluewater” was chosen as a symbol of the impact renewable energy has on our environment.  Choosing a renewable energy source positively impacts the future of our planet, thereby ensuring that the “waters run blue” for future generations.

We strive for perfection, recognising that it is not always possible to attain and we stand behind everything we do.  We are a highly specialised team of renewable energy professionals, who carry a culture and focus that is unique.  Bluewater Energy is modelled by its founder, a veteran of the Canadian military, on the organisation and operating methods of a special forces unit.

Every member of the team plays an equally vital role and every member of the team is trained and ready to make decisions and take the initiative to ensure things are done right.  We do not cut corners and we work until the project is complete.

We Believe it is Time For Change

It is more important than it has ever been for us to understand that we are a part of our environment and not just living in it. Right now is the best time to contribute to a sustainable future by generating clean and renewable power from the sun.

Bluewater Energy is honoured to have already been able to assist many businesses and home owners with their projects and we aim to continue bringing more renewable energy technologies to a world in need of relief from the “the ways things have always been done” that are killing our planet.

We’re Bluewater Energy

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