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Bluewater Energy was selected through a competitive bid process to design, construct, and commission multiple projects for the City of Guelph. These projects have a very short payback and a high return on investment for the City, and will generate revenue every year for the next 20 years. The City of Guelph continues to demonstrate outstanding environmental stewardship, while capitalizing on a solid investment. Bluewater Energy is proud to have been able to partner with Envida Community Energy on these projects.

1.  Fire Department Headquarters, Guelph – 10kW microFIT

2.  River Run Centre, Guelph – 10kW microFIT

3.  Public Works, Guelph – 10kW microFIT

4.  Fire Station 5, Guelph – 10kW microFIT

5. Lawn Bowling Club, Guelph – 8kW microFIT

6. Lyon Park, Guelph – 10kW microFIT