Solar panels for Home

Bluewater Energy has been designing, installing, and commissioning solar photovoltaic systems since 2007. Our team of solar experts care deeply about what they do, and we take every measure to ensure your project performs exceptionally well for decades to come.

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Energy Monitor

Real-time in-home Energy Monitor – This is a NEW state-of-the-art electricity monitoring system allows you to view real-time electricity usage on your computer, locally or remotely.

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Off-Grid Solar

Bluewater Energy provides custom designed off-grid solar installations, as well as some exciting off-grid technology, such as off-grid lighting and charging solutions.

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Backup Generators

Bluewater Energy is an authorized Generac Service Dealer, offering Generac’s full line of back-up power generator’s for home and business.

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Solar Shingles Ontario

Forget the large bulky solar panels. Now, you can produce solar energy where your shingles ARE your producing your energy. This is the prettiest, most evolved, high energy producing solar design you can find!

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