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Bluewater Energy has been designing, installing, and commissioning solar photovoltaic systems since 2007.  Our team of solar experts care deeply about what they do, and we take every measure to ensure your project performs exceptionally well for decades to come.

Our vision at Bluewater is contribute to a cleaner, brighter future, while bringing energy independence to our customers, and ensuring our waters continue to run blue forever through the reduction of traditional, fossil fuel powered generation.  This is not a small task, and we know that we will not achieve this alone.

This is why our mission is to deliver high value renewable energy systems to you, through an exceptional customer experience that enables both the conservation and generation of power by sustainable means.  To us, this means that when you trust Bluewater Energy with your project, we view it as a vitally important next step in transforming our world, and the way we have always done things.  We view it as something as precious as our own environment, and this drives exceptional quality into everything we do.

If you are serious about a great opportunity to help make the world better one solar module at a time, and you want to see great returns on your investment for doing so, call or e-mail us to get started with our team today.

We are located in Guelph, ON, and we happily service all of Ontario.  No project is too big or small!

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