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SunTegra™ Roof Shingles – The New Generation of Solar! *New to Canada

Forget the large bulky solar panels. Now, you can produce solar energy where your shingles ARE producing your energy.

This is the prettiest, most evolved, high energy producing solar design you can find!


Roof Shingles are installed flush to your roof – See how solar shingles offer a low profile installation that provides a clean integrated look. You no longer have to alter a home’s aesthetics to when it comes to solar energy programs for homeowners.

Solar Shingles are integrated with your roof seamlessly – They overlap, are sleek black appearance, complimentary frame colour, and roof-like design accents enable this product to be flawlessly integrated as one.

Solar Shingles are the next generation of solar panels. A new option that offers high power per square foot, enables up to 25% more energy.

Solar Shingles reduce losses – Integrated ventilation enables best-in-class operating temperatures, enabling increased energy yield.

The beautiful part of the Solar Shingle option is that they are designed to last. The science behind crystalline solar technology proves that materials are designed to endure wind, rain and snow loads of 250 pounds per square foot.

The awesome part of this is that Solar Shingles have a Class A fire rating*, which means they are designed to protect and designed for exceptional electrical safety.

Double certified – Passes both standard solar and roofing certifications.


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How is it installed?

Direct to deck installation – no footings, hitting rafters, rails, clamps or grounding lugs needed.

Seamless roof-integration – integrates with roofing materials either directly or through specialized flashings

Product Guarantee

Industry-standard warranty – 10 year product guarantee, 25 year performance guarantee

SunTegra™ offers homeowners and investors a new way to integrate solar directly into the sloped roof of a home, commercial building or carport. It’s lightweight design avoids the need for structural engineering and building permits. There are 50% fewer parts than a conventional rack-mounted solar system and installs in half the time.

Integrated wiring makes wire management a snap!

People and Solar Technology You Can Rely On

Bluewater Energy is managed by a team of industry veterans, offering a lifetime of experience in solar product installation, roofing, and construction.

=> You can rely that we will help you choose the right product and design for your roof and solar technology project.

=> Ensure the products you choose have met the requirements for both solar and roofing product certifications.

=> Ensure that the installation exceeds the industry “best practices”, and Bluewater Energy’s CEO Wil Beadmore’s strict quality controls and check field performance and customer satisfaction.

= > We only work with experienced and solid suppliers who stand behind the products they manufacture.

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