What Makes Us Different?

Bluewater Energy is different than most – if not all – other renewable energy companies.  In fact, we are different than most other companies in business today.  Our primary focus is to deliver high value renewable energy projects for our clients through an outstanding customer experience – period.

It sounds simple, and it sounds like something you might hear from another company, however, the simplest things are often the most difficult to achieve and the gap between statement and reality is often quite large.

What does “deliver high value projects” mean?  By this we mean that we focus on quality and price in such a manner so as to provide our customers with the best we can on both fronts.  We use the highest quality materials and equipment in the industry so that our projects last well beyond the 20-year term of an IESO contract. We believe in the absolute necessity of quality workmanship so that our installations take advantage of the natural environment and integrate flawlessly.

We respect the fact that we will be placing thousands of pounds of equipment onto your home or business and doing so in a manner that will preserve your rooftop and the remainder of your investment.  Which brings us to an equally important factor, price.  In a highly competitive market, price matters.

Bluewater Energy consistently monitors and reviews our processes and our operational effectiveness with a view to constant improvement and cost reduction. In addition, our partnerships with our suppliers are well established which allows us to reap additional savings and pass them on to you.  So when we speak about value, we mean that we provide the best equipment and the best installation at the best price in the industry.

The other side of the equation is the customer experience.  We believe that our customers become our lifelong partners and friends. Therefore, we are honest, straightforward and timely in our commitments and our deeds.  We do what we say we are going to do, when we say we are going to do it, while at the same time alleviating all risk and confusion for our customers.

We finish projects on time and on budget. It’s what we do.

The reason we are so focussed on providing high value projects and an excellent experience is, quite literally, to make a difference in the world.  A decision to go forward with a renewable energy project is not a small one, and the initial investment is not insignificant.

We recognise this and do everything within our capabilities to make the decision as easy as possible so that more and more people make the leap. As each individual renewable energy project is installed and comes online – anywhere in the world – we get one step closer to achieving a state of self-sufficient, low-impact and sustainable living.

It will be through the pioneering efforts and the belief of early adaptors that renewable energy technology will become more-and-more efficient and more-and-more affordable, until it is within the reach of everyone, everywhere.  We believe our part in this is to represent the industry with the highest amount of professionalism and selflessness possible and to ensure our customers have a meaningful and rewarding experience.

We know that every installation gets us one step closer to our goal of ensuring our waters remain blue and our environment pure and this is what makes us different.

We’re Bluewater Energy

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