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We create Custom Energy Solutions that integrate beautifully into the home and connect people directly to their environment.  By combining renewably generated electricity with state of the art battery storage and management systems, we put homeowners in control of their energy needs.  In this way, homeowners become smarter, more aware of their choices, and better able to make a positive contribution in their community.  Ultimately, we offer a pathway to energy independence, while ensuring homes are resilient and capable of providing the comfort and shelter they should during increasingly chaotic weather events.  Our Complete Home Energy Solutions include:

Solar Energy Generation  |  Electrical Energy Storage  |  Electric Vehicle Charging Integration  |  Backup Generators  |  Monitoring and Control Systems  |  Expert Integration and In-Home Setup

We genuinely care about what we do, and the lasting effect it has on the people and organizations we do business with.  When we start working with a new client, we feel as though we are doing work for a close friend who we would not want to disappoint, and we work to ensure we deliver the best every time.

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Net-Meter Program

Net Meter is a program that allows you, as a home or business owner, to generate electricity from renewable  resources for your own use to offset your hydro bill. The excess energy is sent to the grid and then credited toward your future energy costs.  Establish your own energy independence with a Net Metered solar project today.

How does Net Meter work?

  • Once your project is connected, what you will see on your next electricity bill is the “net” difference between the electricity you generate and the electricity you use.
  • If you generate more electricity than what you take from the grid over the billing cycle, your  hydro supplier will remove the electricity charges for that period.
  • You will receive a credit towards your future energy bills for the excess amount of electricity produced.
  • The credits can be carried forward for up to 12 months and applied against future bills when you  are using more electricity than you are generating. You will see a decrease in your hydro expense immediately.

Self Consumption

For those who are unable to take part in the Net-Meter program, we have another option.  This option involves generating electricity for your own needs whenever the sun is shining, and when combined with a home energy storage system, excess power can be stored for use after the sun goes down.  This type of solution is ideal for those who live in an area that is constrained, where the utility will not allow any generation to be exported to the grid.  Self Consumption is also a great alternative for those who consume large amounts of electricity, which a standard net-meter project would not be able to completely off-set, and who therefore require a larger solar generation solution.

Paring solar generation with advanced home energy storage solutions, such as Tesla Powerall or sonnen-Batterie, offer very exciting and unique opportunities to take advantage of some incredible emerging technology.  Imagine being able to set peak limits for energy usage in your home, as well as daily/weekly/monthly budgets for the amount of electricity you consume, measure energy usage against energy generation from your solar array and storage in your battery bank, and then control individual circuits and appliances manually or automatically from your smart phone to meet those goals.  This is possible with a self consumption system.

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Not that long ago battery storage, in the context of home power, was big, bulky and not that efficient.  Today however, with the rapidly evolving and ever changing leaps in technological advancements, battery storage has increased significantly in efficiency and decreased in cost.

Whether your home or business is solar powered or not, battery storage is a reliable, emissions free source of backup power.  Furthermore, by using “peak rate mitigation” you can charge your batteries when rates are low and use that power when rates are high.  This provides much more control when and how power is used in your home or business.

Battery storage can also  contribute to the stabilization of grid voltage and frequency. Our battery systems are fully capable of operating on a “demand management response capability.”  So, when peak usage times occur, the homeowner can benefit from incentives to sell stored power back to the grid.  Although this is not available with all utility companies and in all jurisdictions, it will become part of the way things are done everywhere in the near future.

Discover How Battery Storage Systems Can Power Your Life and Protect Your Home or Business

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Generac backup power systems keeps your electricity going automatically when the grid shuts down.  This mean that whether you’re home or away, you can be secure in the knowledge that all of your powered systems will continue to operate as if nothing had ever happened.


A Generac home backup generator that is permanently installed, protects your home in case of a power outage. Much like an exterior air conditioning unit, the generator sits outside and is powered by natural gas or liquid propane. It delivers power directly to your home’s electrical systems.


Business must keep going and you cannot be stuck without power.  Whether you’re powering massive data servers, a video livestream studio or office systems, a Generac backup generator protects your bottom line.


A Generac home backup generator senses a power outage, turns on automatically, and delivers backup power to your home. It will run until utility power returns – whether that’s two hours or two weeks.

Start Up Is Automatic

  • You don’t have to be there start or stop your Generac generator. Because it does that automatically.
  • No Refueling Is Necessary
  • No Gas cans necessary.  Your generator is connected to propane or natural gas.
  • Power Directly to Your Electricity Grid
  • Just like you receive power from the electric company, the generator is connected directly to your main power grid.  No extension cords necessary!

Generac Is The #1 Selling Brand of Home Backup Generators

7 out of every 10 homeowners who have a generator rely on the Generac brand.  With 24/7 Customer Support, you have an extra layer of security. So, when a power outage hits you, we have a team standing by at all hours to make sure that all of your questions are answered.

Be Ready When The Power Goes Out.

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Energy monitoring is a game changer for solar homes or for net-zero home builders.  It is required in every net-zero and net-zero ready home to obtain the certification.

  • The Power is in the Data
  • Increased Energy Efficiency

By monitoring exactly where energy is going, we help homeowners find areas of peak energy consumption in order to save money each month.

Maximize Storage ROI

We install systems that smartly manage and control solar inverters and battery systems.  This in turn enhanced the return on solar investment.

How does energy monitoring work?

  1. Sensors measure voltage and branch currents
  2. Measured data is forwarded to the Data Host
  3. The Data Host stores the data for viewing via Dashboards

Our monitoring systems actually breakdown your electricity use!

Our energy systems monitor and breaking down the energy used by each appliance and panel circuit, while also monitoring the total consumption.

Easy to operate and control.

Our technology gives you  at your disposal anytime and anywhere. View it on a local computer, iPhone or over the internet. Simple visuals make it easy for even children to understand!

Monitor and Manage Your Energy Usage to Improve Efficiencies and Reduce Costs

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