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Tesla Energy Solutions

Generating, storing and accessing energy are easier than ever with our sustainable energy solutions designed for a cleaner, healthier planet.

Certified Tesla Partner

Bluewater Energy is a Certified Tesla Partner and Powerwall installer. We are one of the most experienced Powerwall installers in Canada, with installations across Ontario. We were the first in Canada to install a multi-unit residential Tesla Powerwall system.

Tesla Solar Roof

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Turn sunlight into electricity with a new Tesla Solar Roof or panels installed on your current roof. Energy collected during the day is stored for anytime use.

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Tesla Powerwall

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The Powerwall home battery stores your clean energy for you to use anytime you wish, whether during the day, at night or during a power outage.

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Tesla Chargers

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Tesla simplifies charging at home so it’s as easy as charging a smartphone. Simply plug in overnight and wake up to a fresh full charge.

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