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EV Chargers

Have an electric vehicle? We can ensure it’s ready to roll any time you are. Our EV solutions handle your charger installation from permit to full charge.

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EV Chargers Energy Solutions

Our fast-charging Tesla EV chargers deliver up to 60 Amps to your vehicle. We guarantee your current electrical service will handle the additional demand of your new charger. Includes a dedicated charging circuit and WiFi monitoring.

Go Green with Bluewater

With each renewable energy project installation that comes online —anywhere in the world—we get closer to our goal of a cleaner and brighter future, ensuring our waters remain blue, and keeping our environment pure.

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EV Charger Energy Solutions

Charge your vehicle at home during off-peak rate periods for the lowest cost-per-kilometer driven. Enjoy never having to go to a gas station again while also doing your part for a cleaner, emissions-free future.

Eliminate GHG Emissions

No More Gas Stations

Pair With Solar for Free Fuel

Zero Travel Costs

Be Future-Ready

Use EV as Backup Power in Grid Outage

EV Charger Specs


30A or 40A standard chargers, up to 48A for Tesla

Charge Time

Up to 77km range per hour of charging


Lightweight 18’ cable length


48 Months

Operating Temperatures

approved for indoor and outdoor installation


WiFi-enabled for use with smartphone app

Experience the Bluewater Difference

Our expert renewable energy team provides outstanding customer experiences while enabling conservation and generation of power through sustainable means.

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