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Home Energy Monitoring

Track your electricity consumption and understand your home’s energy patterns.

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Monitoring Solutions

Energy Monitoring gives you access to your energy consumption in real-time, and allows you to assess historical trends up to one year prior. Take control through informed decision-making by receiving alerts and setting budgets of your electricity use.

Go Green with Bluewater

With each energy monitor installed, we get closer to our goal of an energy conscious community, keeping our environment pure and reducing our carbon footprint.

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Home Energy Monitoring Solutions

Use our intuitive smartphone app for real-time remote monitoring of your home energy use and solar production. Understand your energy use by knowing what devices are on and how much power each one is using.

Empowered Decision-Making

Intuitive Dashboard

Track Energy Use Over Time

Identify Sources of Energy Waste

Integrates Seamlessly into Electrical Panel

Pairs with New Smart Home Technologies

Home Energy Monitoring Specs


Whole-Home usage, as well as individual circuit level available

Location of Equipment

Inside Electrical Panel

Installation Time

1-2 Hours

Monitoring Subscription Fee



Set energy budgets and alerts to manage costs


Measure what is important
to make informed decisions

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