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Solar Panels

Top-tier technology, seamless integration and the promise of exceptional decades-long performance make Bluewater Energy true leaders in solar panel energy.

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Solar Panel Energy Solutions

Highest Efficiency Technology Available

We offer the best tech available for improved efficiency, greater density and lower costs.

Longest Product Warranties

Our manufacturers have the best warranties and are most certain to be around for the 30+ year life of your system.

Aesthetics and Value

Our systems add value to your home or business, as well as functional beauty.

Go Green with Bluewater

With each renewable energy project installation that comes online —anywhere in the world—we get closer to our goal of a cleaner and brighter future, ensuring our waters remain blue, and keeping our environment pure.

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Total Solar Energy Solutions

Going green with solar panels is the smart choice for your current or upcoming home or business project. The money you will save and the peace of mind you’ll feel is more than worth the initial investment.

Industry-Leading Panel Efficiencies

Best-In-Class Warranties

Increase Home Resale Value

Be a Community Leader

Reduce Monthly Utility Costs

Add Resiliency and Security

Solar Panel Specs


310W – 405W


18.7kg – 23.5kg


1m x 1.685m (39”x66”), 1m x 2.015m (39”x79”)


10-year defects/25-year power output

Operating Temperatures

-40C to +85C


CSA, UL 1703

Experience the Bluewater Difference

Our expert renewable energy team provides outstanding customer experiences while enabling conservation and generation of power through sustainable means.

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