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Battery Storage

Get reliable backup power for your home – with or even without solar. Our storage systems provide peace-of-mind and lower utility costs for years to come.

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Battery Storage Energy Solutions

Bluewater Energy is a Certified Tesla Partner and one of Canada’s most experienced Tesla Powerwall installers. The fully automatic Powerwall provides emergency backup power, offsetting peak hydro rate periods and using solar energy directly in your home.

Go Green with Bluewater

With each renewable energy project installation that comes online —anywhere in the world—we get closer to our goal of a cleaner and brighter future, ensuring our waters remain blue, and keeping our environment pure.

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Battery Storage Energy Solutions

Battery storage technology is safe, reliable and becoming more affordable. Installed by certified experts, you get more control over energy usage, can weather any storm, and benefit from lower utility costs

Lower electricity costs

Solar-generated power, anytime

More resilient home

More flexibility, control

Integrate with Smart Home Technology


Battery Storage Specs


5kW Continuous, 7kW Surge Capacity


276 lb / 125 kg


H:1.15m x W:0.755m x D:0.155m (45.3” x 29.7” x 6.1”)


10 years

Operating Temperatures

20C to +30C (0C to 30C Optimum)


UL 1741, UL 1642, UL 1973, UL 9540, IEEE 1547, UN 38.3

Experience the Bluewater Difference

Our expert renewable energy team provides outstanding customer experiences while enabling conservation and generation of power through sustainable means.

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