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Backup Generators

Protect your home and family during outages—at the lowest upfront cost. More than 10 different generator packages to suit any need.

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Backup for Peace-of-Mind

Keep the electricity flowing! Wire up your home or business with a sustainable off-grid backup generator powered by green energy. Enjoy peace-of-mind in knowing you will have automatic backup power any time the grid goes down.

Be Prepared with Bluewater

Be prepared for the next time the power goes out due to severe weather. Keep your kitchen appliances and other items running for as long as you need while also staying warm, dry … and indoors.

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Backup Generator Energy Solutions

As a Generac certified dealer, we have a generator package for just about everybody. Need to keep your business computer systems afloat? Just want to keep your coffee warm at home? We’ve got you covered.

Power Out? Lights On!

Year-Round Peace-of-Mind

Uninterrupted Internet and Security

Basement Flooding Protection

No Food Spoilage or Loss

Backup Generator Specs


Portable generator; home standby generators


Wifi-enabled, remote monitoring


Natural gas/propane




5-year standard to 10-year extended

Experience the Bluewater Difference

Our expert renewable energy team provides outstanding customer experiences while enabling conservation and generation of power through sustainable means.

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