Project Details

  • 34 x High Output Solar Modules with 1 x 10kW inverter
  • Complete energy monitoring system for performance monitoring of individual solar panels and system level production
  • Battery storage ready
  • This system was designed and installed under the provinces Net-Meter Program to generate an equivalent amount of electricity to what the home consumes each year. It was not possible to achieve this with a rooftop solar installation, due to the limitations of available space and the amount of electricity the home’s geo-thermal heating and cooling system requires to operate
  • Dual-Axis tracker generates up to 40% more power each year in comparison to a system that sits stationary on a roof, which allows us to increase the system’s output to meet the energy demands of the home
  • Tracking system is low-maintenance, and fully automatic
  • Energy generated from the system supplies the home directly, with the excess going out to the grid, for which the homeowner gets credit. The solar credit are then applied to their hydro usage at night and during the winter when the system is not producing as much as the home is consuming, whereby wiping out their annual hydro usage expense
  • Will contribute to a greener, more stable hydro grid, and positively influence the community
  • Planned operational life of the system 30 years+