Project Details

  • 60 x High Output Solar Modules with 1 x 10kW inverter and 1 x 7.6kW inverter
  • Complete energy monitoring system for performance monitoring of individual solar panels and system level production
  • Battery storage ready
  • One half of the system exports to the grid, which generates approximately $3,500/year in revenue
  • One half of the system used for personal power under the Net-Meter program in Ontario
  • Designed to “become” the roof, whereby allowing the system to “disappear” from obvious view and allow the natural look of the home to remain at the forefront
  • Will provide decades of guaranteed income for the homeowner, while contributing to a greener, more stable hydro grid, and positively influencing the community, as well as completely wipe out annual utility expenses
  • Planned operational life of the system 30 years+