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Smart Home Technology

Smart technology just keeps getting smarter. Our automatic, simple and elegant solutions give you ultimate control over all energy flow in your home or business.

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Smart Home Technology Solutions

Smart Home Technologies are evolving into Smart Energy Solutions for your home that enable better control over your energy needs to lower cost, add security and resiliency to your home, and become energy independent. Smart energy systems can be controlled directly from any web-enabled device, and set to automatically enhance your lifestyle.

Go Green with Bluewater

With each renewable energy project installation that comes online —anywhere in the world—we get closer to our goal of a cleaner and brighter future, ensuring our waters remain blue, and keeping our environment pure.

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Smart … and Simple

From simple, elegant controls for lighting and electrical outlets to more sophisticated smart panels that allow control of every circuit, our Smart Energy Solutions offer energy independence through automation.


Modern Elegant Designs

Seamless Integration

Automated Controls

Owner-Defined Settings

Smart Reminders & Alerts

Smart Home Technology Specs


Any web-enabled smart device or computer


Clean, simple and elegant

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