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Bluewater Energy is the First in Canada to Install Multiple Powerwall 2.0!

Bluewater Energy recently became the first in Canada to install multiple Powerwall 2.0, Tesla’s new home energy storage system.  As a licensed electrical contractor, with licensed electricians on the Bluewater Energy team, we were chosen to deliver Tesla Powerwall solutions following the completion of extensive Tesla Powerwall and MPOWER training and certification.

What does this mean for you?  Our Tesla Certified Home Energy Experts have the training and experience to deliver the Tesla Powerwall solution that is right for you.  We begin with a visit to your home to review your goals and conduct a thorough inspection of your electrical panel and wiring.  We then develop a custom solution, tailored to deliver exactly what you want, while managing the process from beginning to end.

What do three Tesla Powerwall look like once they are installed?  The answer to that is: every installation will is unique!  However, here is a brief overview and image of the first installation in Canada with multiple Powerwall 2.0s:


Customer Profile:  Parry Sound, Ontario

# Powerwalls:  3

Use Cases:  Load shifting and backup.

Load shifting:  Allows this family to store energy into their Powerwall when prices are low and to use the stored energy when prices are high.

Backup Power:  There is a 100A backup panel that houses all the essential electrical loads, which this family chose to have connected during our initial site.  The three Powerwall instantaneously and seamlessly backup these loads in the event of a power outage.  In fact, the switch to battery power is so quick that they never have to worry about resetting the digital clocks in their home again.

It just so happens that right after these Powerwall 2.0s were installed, a storm arrived suddenly and knocked out power to the area for 20 hours, proving the equipment as well as our workmanship, and ensuring they were not left in the dark.  As soon as power was restored to the grid, the batteries charged back to 100%.  Imagine what it would have been like to be powerless for 20 hours without a backup power in place – scary!

:  Not yet, but planned for the future.  Powerwall can be integrated into your home without solar, or paired with new or existing solar installations.  We can provide you with designs and quotes for a new solar installation to make the system even more powerful!

You will see from the picture below that our client chose to stand their Powerwall up separately here, so all three can be seen and easily maintained.

Bluewater Energy - Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer

Image 1: Three x Powerwall installed in Perry Sound, ON

Bluewater Energy - Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer

Image 2: Three x Powewall “Stacked” in Orangeville, ON

Tesla offers a stacking kit that allows up to three Powerwall to be “stacked” together, and we can combine and integrate up to ten Powerwall into a single home.  Choosing to stack your Powerwall helps reduce the amount of floor space required.

Powerwall can also be wall-mounted when there is sufficient space to do so.  Powerwall cannot be stacked when wall-mounted.

If you’re interested in learning more about Tesla Powerwall, going solar, and/or becoming energy independent – contact us here!

Please note that Tesla’s Solar Shingles are not currently available in Canada, however, please sign up on our mailing list and we will ensure you are among the first to know when they are available – sign up for our business newsletter.


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