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Bluewater Energy Inc. has recently entered into partnership with Generac to sell, install, and service their full compliment of air-cooled and liquid-cooled power generators for your home or business. Generac is the most respected name in backup generators in North America, and Bluewater Energy has been expertly delivering power systems to home and business owners for more than eight years. You can now have perfect piece of mind, knowing that no matter what the weather is doing outside, you will be protected inside with a permanently installed Generac automatic backup generator.

winter-storm-street_largeBluewater Energy installed backup generators offer automatic operation, with no refuelling requirements, that provide power directly to your home in the event of a power failure. For those who wish to add protective measures to ensure their home and family is looked after in the event of a power failure, Bluewater Energy can help.  And for those who wish to protect their business from lost revenue due to lost power, Bluewater Energy will work with you to identify your power needs, and provide the necessary back-up power to keep you operational even during extreme weather events.

As weather patterns continue to change, and large scale power failures become more common, our expectations of uninterrupted power must also change – unless you protect your home or business with reliable backup power.  Severe storms are quickly becoming the norm in all seasons, and It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when these storms meet our outdated electric power infrastructure, the impact will be far reaching.  Bluewater Energy is pleased and very excited to fill a growing and critical need for back-up power to help prepare you for when the next widespread power outage occurs.