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Imagine a world where you no longer have to cringe when you look at your hydro bill.  Now imagine a world where your home or business generates as much energy as you use each year.  Relief from the chaos has become more possible than ever with your own renewable energy source for power generation.  By making changes now, you can start to secure your own energy independence, and future-proof your home or business against the rising costs of hydro and gas that will result from Ontario’s new Climate Change Action Plan.

Ontario Climate Change Action Plan

If you have not already started thinking about switching to solar power to run your home or business, start by discovering what you can do right now to begin converting to renewable energy.  Bluewater Energy has been a key project partner and contributor on the first Net-Zero Communities built in Canada.  Our expertise and experience will help you prepare for the changes coming in Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan.

Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan

The province has announced a major initiative to transform Ontario into a non-carbon based society by 2050.  The province plans to invest $8.3-billion over the next four years to kick-start their Climate Change Action Plan.

The provincial government is aggressively working to shift us away from using fossil fuels, and to opt-in for non-carbon based technologies to power our homes and businesses.  At Bluewater Energy, we can help you identify where you can reduce your carbon footprint, while at the same time, help you generate your own energy from the sun to off-set your electricity usage.  We will help you take control of your own energy requirements, and ensure that the proposed changes in the Ontario Climate Change Action Plan do not add an additional financial burden to operating your home or business.

The province is planning to make changes to the Ontario Building Code to certify that all “new homes and small buildings” built in 2030 or later will not use fossil fuels.  The plan calls to phase out natural gas as an energy source, and a transition to electrical heating and cooling with a focus on improving energy efficiency.  In this model, solar generated electricity will play a huge role.

Net Zero HomeIn hopes of cutting carbon emission in half by 2030, the Ontario Climate Change Action Plan will be looking towards businesses and taxpayers to provide the province’s subsidy plan.  Bluewater Energy is here to make sure you are not caught in the impending storm of rising rates and increased taxes.  We can help you to prepare, and to start making changes now so you will be free from the impact of the province’s plan, while at the same time, helping the province achieve its plan.

It is clear that this government is about to take an aggressive stance in moving the province toward using renewable energy sources to reduce carbon-based ones.  And to drive this change, there will be incentives in the form of grants and rebates that will be available for those who choose to install non-carbon based technologies.

Solar is specifically cited as one of the targeted technologies that the province will be subsidizing, and Bluewater Energy will assure that you have access to these incentives.

Net-Zero living is a great example of combining sustainable technologies, such as generating electricity through the use of solar arrays, with measures to reduce energy usage.  Net-Zero living involves a new standard of efficiency in homes and businesses to reduce the amount of energy consumed heating and cooling, as well as power appliances and lighting.  Bluewater Energy is your expert in this field, and can help you work toward a Net-Zero energy lifestyle, by monitoring and analysing your consumption of energy, and then off-setting consumption by generating your own solar electricity.

Contact us now to start preparing for the future so that you are not penalized by the Climate Change Action Plan, and to ensure you are eligible for all upcoming government grants and rebates.

Net-Zero LivingNet Zero Living

From the very beginning, Bluewater Energy has been part of the equation when it comes to achieving a Net-Zero lifestyle. We have been designing and installing high quality solar energy systems for homes and businesses for over seven years.

We have proven our technology, service, and skills on thousands of projects all across Ontario.  Most recently, we have been honoured to have partnered on the first Net-Zero homes and communities built in Canada. Through our partnerships with developers such as Reid’s Heritage Homes and WrightHaven Homes, we have developed expertise that is unique and highly skilled in providing generation systems for Net-Zero homes.  We are Canada’s leading provider of solar energy systems for those seeking to achieve Net-Zero living.

Net-Zero living simply means that your home or business produces at least as much energy as it uses annually, resulting in a zero-sum energy footprint for your building.  Put this into an equation where the outcome is your net energy consumption, it would look something like this:

Energy consumption + Energy generation ≤ 0.

Having successfully developed solar energy projects for top quality homes in Guelph, Elora, and Wellington County, Bluewater Energy is the leading expert in the renewable solar energy industry. Whether you are looking for the simplest of systems that generate electricity and feed it back to the grid to offset what you consume, or the most sophisticated systems that provide energy storage, back-up power, and complete independence from the utility – we can provide it.

Off Grid Solar Project

Cap-and-Trade in Ontario

The vision to limit pollution, reward innovative companies, and create more opportunities for investments in Ontario, is known as the Cap-and-Trade Program.

According to The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change website, if the proposed Climate Change Mitigation and Low-carbon Economy Act is passed, every dollar raised will be invested back into non-carbon based projects that reduce greenhouse gas pollution.

As part of the greenhouse gas solution, Bluewater Energy has been helping home and business owners identify where energy use can be first reduced, so that we can then design and install solar electricity generating systems that are scaled to match this lower demand, saving you money at every stage.  Through energy monitoring, energy management, and by generating clean, renewable electricity, we can ensure your carbon footprint is lowered significantly, and possibly eliminated.

The Cap-and-Trade Program is intended to limit or “cap” the amount of greenhouse gas pollution that a businesses, institutions, and households can emit each year.  Happily, solar energy produces no pollution and has no negative environmental effects.  In fact, by moving toward a Net-Zero lifestyle, you will have a much greater likelihood of remaining under the emissions cap, and quite likely generate additional credits for doing so!

The initial target outlined in the Ontario Cap-and-Trade Program limit province-wide greenhouse gas emissions to 142 megatons per year in the first year, and decrease to 125 megatons per year by 2020.  To achieve this, the proposed legislation will impose a cap on every home and business in the province on the amount of greenhouse gases they can emit annually.  In the case of larger emitters, they will have to provide compensation to cover their emissions if they exceed this cap.

By moving to renewable energy sources now, everyone can start securing their future by reducing dependence on carbon-based fuel sources, and generating clean, renewable power to off-set what cannot be eliminated.

The cap is set to decrease every year to enforce lower emissions.  There are several ways to lower your greenhouse gas emissions, which include generating solar energy, storing excess energy, and using backup power options.  Bluewater Energy is here to support you through the entire process, and by the time this program comes into act, you will be well on your way to a lower carbon footprint with Bluewater Energy by your side.

 Solar Installation - Bluewater Energy GuelphSolar Panel Install

The “trade” occurs when one company buys carbon credits, also called allowances, from another who has reduced their greenhouse gases below the cap, and therefore, has allocation they do not require.  These credits are linked to every tonne of greenhouse gas emitted or eliminated, and will result in your ability to directly manage your own energy costs.  Bluewater Energy will help you take control of your energy use now, and help ensure you get the credit you deserve for transitioning to renewable energy.

Once the Cap-and-Trade Program is in place, it will force businesses and homeowners to begin phasing out carbon-based fuel sources to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Get ahead and be prepared for these changes by transitioning to a solar electric energy source.  Start smart with the experts at Bluewater Energy, and start down the path of your own energy independence.  Generating your own solar energy can and should be a rewarding experience.  Start living a Net-Zero life today!

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