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Ontario Minister of Energy Remarks: The Future of Ontario’s Electricity Sector

By 14 July, 2020May 10th, 2023No Comments

On 7 October 2014, The Honourable Bob Chiarelli gave remarks at an Ontario Energy Association Gala event. The Minister’s full remarks can be read at the link below. Mr. Chiarelli provided comment on the province’s plans for the energy sector over the next four years. His remarks were encouraging in that the current government recognises that Ontario must continue to push forward with aggressive conservation initiatives, as well as with the procurement of new generation capacity using clean, reliable technologies. It will be interesting to see which of his remarks turn into guidance, and ultimately policy, for the sector. I am encouraged, however, that as a province we are going to join other leading jurisdictions around the world and continue to forge a sustainable path for energy generation, distribution, and management. We must take a new step toward ENERGY INDEPENDENCE every day. Doing so – no matter how small a step that may be – will ensure that 50 years from now, 100 years from now, and beyond, Ontario will be a land with a healthy environment, a vibrant economy, and a society that does not bicker about the cost of fixing the damage done by continuing to lean on conventional fossil fuel generation and an aging, dilapidated infrastructure. Rather, we will celebrate the foresight of those brave and bold leaders who defied conventional wisdom and lead change before it was too late. Let us hope that the rest of Canada takes head and embraces the path of distributed, sustainable power generation, so the future generations do not have to clean up our mess. Well done Minister – so far. Words do not mean anything without action, but the ideas are where we start. I look forward to great things to come.

Minister of Energy Remarks

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