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Top 6 Reasons to Go Solar Now

For the past several years, homeowners in cities around the world have been installing solar panels on their roofs to take advantage of the most clean, renewable energy source available to generate power. So why should you go solar? What’s the benefit to you? Here are 6 great reasons to choose solar right now:

Bluewater Energy – Certified Tesla Powerwall Installation

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Bluewater Energy is the First in Canada to Install Multiple Powerwall 2.0! Bluewater Energy recently became the first in Canada to install multiple Powerwall 2.0, Tesla's new home energy storage system.  As a licensed electrical contractor, with licensed electricians on the Bluewater Energy team, we were chosen to deliver Tesla Powerwall solutions following

The Impact of Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan

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Imagine a world where you no longer have to cringe when you look at your hydro bill.  Now imagine a world where your home or business generates as much energy as you use each year.  Relief from the chaos has become more possible than ever with your own renewable energy source for power generation.  By making changes

  • Home Entertainment System Consumes Electricity Turn Off to Conserve Energy

4 Tips for Reducing Energy Usage from Electronics

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Most people assume that appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners and water heaters are the big energy hogs in your home. And it’s true! Studies have shown that on average, these appliances account for the most annual energy use in kWh per year. But it’s not always easy to make the investment to get a new,

How Do Solar Panels Increase the Value of Your Property?

If you’re thinking about ways to add value to your home, consider this: solar panels can add as much value—if not more—to your home as a brand new kitchen does. But how? There are two kinds of value that a solar system can add

5 Things to Consider When Selecting a Solar Company

The renewable energy industry - and in particular the solar industry - in North America has been on fire recently.  We have seen some exciting growth in an incredibly short period of time.  Many recent reports have cited that new construction for renewable energy generation is now outpacing that of fossil fuel generated power.  In fact, all indicators seem

The Miracle of Change

I am feeling inspired and somewhat elated currently.  The stream of positive news in the renewable energy space has been thunderous today.  Perhaps because it is Earth Day.  Perhaps it is because we are experiencing a shift of such magnitude that the feeble confines of traditional thinking can no longer contain it.  Today Tesla released further

Is Canada Going to be Left Behind

Progress is an interesting thing.  Much of what once was labelled as progress, later could be argued to have been a step in the wrong direction.  E-mail, for example, is a great tool when it is used to augment and enhance business functions, however, when it becomes the primary form of communication between people and organisations, we lose

Battery Storage for Home Power Use

More and more people are looking for alternatives to being tied to the utility grid these days, particularly as rates increase and customer satisfaction decreases.  From a solar perspective, the big limiter to cutting the cable and truly becoming autonomous has been the ability to efficiently and economically store power when the sun is shining