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If you live in Ontario and are considering solar for your home, the net-metering program could be perfect for you! This relatively new program allows homeowners with renewable energy systems like solar panels, to power their home when the sun is shining and send excess electricity back to the grid for credit on their electricity bill.

How Does the Net-Metering Work in Ontario:

1. Installation of renewable energy system: The homeowner has solar panels installed at their home. This can be roof mounted or ground mounted.

2. Meter installation: The homeowner’s utility company installs a bi-directional meter that can track the flow of electricity both to and from the grid.

3. Electricity production: The renewable energy system produces electricity, which is used to power the home. When there is excess electricity, it is sent back to the grid for credit.

4. Credits on the electricity bill: For every kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity sent back to the grid, the homeowner is credited on their electricity bill. Credits are equivalent in value to the cost of energy purchased from the grid and carry forward for up to 12 months.

5. Use of credits: When the renewable energy system is not producing enough electricity to meet the home’s needs, power is supplied by the grid. Any credits accumulated on your hydro bill are automatically applied to offset the costs of grid supplied power.

The Net-Metering program allows you to take control of your energy needs, and is the most efficient and cost effective solution for you to generate your own power. So, before considering a solar installation, here are some important things to know about Net-Metering:

Important Things to Know About Net-Metering:

  • Grid Capacity MUST be Reserved – Capacity on the Utility Grid for net-metering is limited, and securing capacity requires that an application be submitted to your utility provider to see if there is available capacity in your area. This is a necessary and critical step in the net-metering process, which a competent and experienced installation company will handle for you.
  • Credits Don’t Last – Use them or lose them! You have 12 months to use up your credits for excess energy exported to the grid before your account is reset back to 0. It is important that your solar system is sized accordingly so you generate only what you consume over any 12-month period, and no more. A properly designed and “right-sized” solar installation will ensure you do not spend more than you need to for a system, as well as provide optimal savings on your utility bill and return on your investment.
  • Creating Clean Energy Helps your Community – Net metering in Ontario helps homeowners with renewable energy systems to reduce their electricity costs and support the growth of clean energy. In addition, every kilowatt-hour (kWh) of renewably generated electricity reduces our need other carbon-based, green house gas emitting forms of generation.

Want to know more about how this solution could work for you and your family? Contact Us or leave a comment below, and find out how we can help set up your home with solar energy and the net-metering program!

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